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“Sannu da Zuwa! Sannu da Zuwa”

Successful organizations no longer rely on traditional model of advertising, through medium such as Radio and Television. It is being observed that most organizations do not know what it takes to utilize other forms of advertising such as Employee advocacy. Employer Branding is imperative because it helps in achieving organizational goals.

Employee Advocacy is a promotional tool for enhancing the organizational reputation or brand by employees through social media. Employee advocacy has been in existence with the aid of swag (giving printed logo T-shirts to employees), incentives and recognition, but employee advocacy today is all about social media i.e. promoting your brand through medium like LinkedIn ,Facebook, Instagram .Brands like Zappos, HR-Analytica, Trello, Starbucks have proved the existence of  employee advocacy and more brands so it is time for your brand to prove employee advocacy existence.

Your Employees are your biggest Assets

Company’s employees are its most valued assets. A prolific and happy employee leads to progress and development of the organization. But many organizations are not completely tapping into the true potential of their employees. Therefore, strategy of promoting the brand should be put into place which must involve the workforce of the organization.

Your Reputation is how people perceive you

Employer branding denotes the organizational reputation or image. It is high time leaders focused on strengthening their organizations’ employers Brand. Employer Branding is beyond the responsibility of HR or recruiters; the task also depends on the effort of CEOs.


“Oge adighi eche mmadu”, -time waits for no one.

In a dynamic environment characterized with technological advancement, social media has played the role in employee advocacy thereby promoting the brand.

Every company has what it takes to be involved in promoting the brand, and what it takes is the employees and registering your company with Employee Advocacy platforms like REENs Elevate

“Taya murna”, Employees play the role in employee advocacy in order to promote the brand through social media. CEOs need to pay greater attention to Employer Branding as it is vital to the success of the organization.

Have you ever wonder why they say “Charity begins at home”?

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