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Have you tried Facebook Ads but they got so expensive that you couldn’t turn a profit? You know what? They’ll probably become even more expensive in the near future.

So what could be the best tips for Business success in the coming year?

Research by HR-Analytica has showed that Employees are one of the vital tools for Business success. Employee advocacy requires promoting a brand through social media such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram. Small Businesses are engineered to drive in little profit, but that is not so true. As a small business executive, you can maximize profit while you reduce cost. It is known that without employees, organization do not exist and vice versa.

“Make I start with this”; you know say everything get tips for success. Even to cook, e get tips them they use make am delicious. Employees advocacy is a way to make your business delicious for “consumption”. Yummy!!!Are you ready for consumption?

Define Goals and Objectives:

There are number of objectives your advocacy program can achieve.

  • Increase company page followers on LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram.
  • Increase traffic to website by 593% (It is possible to go beyond 100%).
  • Generate new sales lead.
  • Gain attributable new hires per quarter and much more.

Create channels for communication and Transparency:

Interacting with your employees on reason for implementing employee advocacy would be of greater advantage. Rather than just coming up with a new program, without letting them know the reason.

Gain Buy-In from Executives and Leaders:

Your employee advocacy program is far more likely to be successful if your company’s leaders are visibly on board. “A pę ko to jęun, ki ję ibaję”, highlighting executives practicing employee advocacy would yield greater results.

Assemble a Team of Content Curators:

“A’a e e wowo di l’otu e m a le gbe un”, each individuals including content curators must undertake his responsibility to bring success to the business environment. Training the curator would bring more success to the table.

Launch Your Employee Advocacy Program:

After setting goals and objectives, creating channels for communication, assembling a team of content curators, then launching the program comes next.

So will small businesses still profit from Facebook Ads in 2020? Well, only if they follow this framework

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