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According to the Marketing Advisory Network study, the majority of respondents (78 percent) have said something positive about their employer to someone else directly. Conversely, only 24 percent have said something negative to someone else directly. However, only 27 percent have posted a positive comment or review online about their employer.

So how do you engineer social employee advocacy?

We discovered the following factors that impact the frequency of an individual’s advocacy. A clear roadmap for success emerged.

  1. If you promote employee advocacy the same for each employee, you are missing an opportunity to grow participation. A wide range of factors contribute to employee advocacy. Not only do you need to offer a range of incentives, but also a range of content prompts.
  2. Writing down social sharing guidelines increases advocacy.
  3. Employees contribute to a wide range of social channels. Even if your company does not have a dedicated presence on their channel of choice, you should make it easy for employees to contribute where they feel most comfortable.
  4. You can grow the number of employees who participate in employee advocacy programs with incentive programs ranging from public recognition to monetary rewards.

A Passionate Workforce Drives Advocacy

Do you want your employees to advocate for your organization? Then first they need to clearly understand, and feel passionate about the values and vision of the company. Without a clear understanding of what the company stands for and the desired business objectives, employee advocacy is difficult to achieve.


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