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The most disturbing worries of every Company is "How can the business be making more money". To make more Money you need REACH. To get REACH you need your EMPLOYEES. How?

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About REENs-Elevate

REENs Elevate platform allow you to empower your employees to share smart, quality content with their social networks, amplifying your reach and humanizing your Brand. While you incentivize their handwork.

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Increase reach, traffic, and conversion rates through employee advocacy, and boost employee engagement by empowering teams as company brand ambassadors on social media.

01. Employee Advocacy

With 67% of Employees Using Social Media at Work, Brands Are Missing an Opportunity.REENs Elevate makes employee advocacy easy, intuitive, informative, and engaging for its users.

02. HR-Employee Engagement, Compensation & Benefits

Engaged employees are the lifeblood of any successful organization.Not only do your employees know your company better than anyone else, but they are connected to others with similar interests and profiles

03. Social Selling

Supercharge your sales team with strong messaging crafted by Marketing, in turn amplifying the power of that content by tapping into new networks.

39% of people prefer to hear about a new product or service through social media.

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Employee advocacy is the promotion of an organization by its staff members. Your customers spend a lot of their free time on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social networks, so it’s the prime place to get in front of them.

Effective employee engagement and advocacy can turn your organization into a powerful Marketing engine that boosts the business functions that matter the most.Give your employees a simple way to amplify your brand’s reach by sharing curated content across their social networks..

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The best Advocacy tool in your palm

REENs Elevate is the enterprise-ready engagement platform designed to provide a seamless experience for both users and administrators.In fact, people are 16 times more likely to read a post from a friend about a brand than from the brand itself.

Random Influencer

65% of consumers are more likely to research a product or service if a friend posts about the company compared to 36% if a product or service is mentioned by an influencer or celebrity.

Engaged Employee

Employees are the most believable resource out there. When our employees are turning around and sharing a media story, it's more credible

Highly Creative Employee Advocacy Solution

Boost Productivity & Employee Engagement

Social media has completely changed the way we communicate. We’re able to engage in a dialogue with people that are happy and mad at the business,” We truly believe that we are able to change hearts and minds one Tweet at a time.

Virtual Debit Card

Upon Sign up you are issued a virtual debit card which you credit to reward employees performance who is also given a debit card.

Secure & private

The Company is committed to the privacy of its Users, and the safety of Users’ personal information.


This features enables you to track, aggregate, and visualize key performance indicators over time, rather than reporting on a point in time.

Generate Report

The Reports feature provides various pre-configured reports that allow you to analyze portal and employee performance, service metrics and customer


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Our uniquely collaborative and passionate people work alongside our clients every step of the way—caring more, telling it like it is.

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Our Packages

Discover the most robust and cohesive Employee Advocacy social solution, built to scale. Upgrade as you grow or cancel anytime.


Organization with 1-50 employees

Load at least ₦500 in your accounts

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Organization with 50 plus employees

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Our Services

By activating and supercharging your employees as advocates, you’ll recognize a new level of brand awareness that reaches more qualified and highly engaged audiences

Personalised Advocacy solution & Services

Provide High Quality

REENs Elevate team enables you to save time, resources and investment by supporting you through the launch and maintenance of your employee advocacy program

Rent Advocacy Expert as your employee

Provide High Quality

REENs Elevate dedicated Advocacy Sub associate Services team will help you build, implement and activate an effective social media advocacy program on rent.

Support, Administration & Strategic Guidance

24/7 Live Support

REENs team provide Strategic guidance for increased adoption and success & dedicated meetings to share best practices and talk about program performance

Clients Review

REENs Elevate service has helped companies in a wide range of industries improve their Employee Advocacy programs and achieve quantifiable business results such as increased sales, higher productivity.

Your Questions Answered

We've put together some commonly asked questions to give you more information about REENs Elevate.

- How do I Fund my accounts?

To load funds into your wallet, login to your dashboard, click on "Financials" and simply fill the "Top Up Form" with the amount of money you want to load into your wallet.

- Do I get notified when my account is depleted?

Yes! At ₦500, You will be notified that your account balance is low.

- Can my dashboard be customised?

Every information on your dashboard is fitted with only your submitted information. It is unique to you.

- If i don't have employees, can i rent advocates?

Yes, simply select "Rent An Advocate" in the navigation bar.


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