Update 15-09-2020.

Only the first month of the scheduled payment was made on the 11th Sept, 2020

Update 03-09-2020.

After further discussions with my legal team and those at HrAnalytica, the HrAnalytica team, comprising of Richard Adieze(Lead, Design Thinking and Operations) and Uruemurie Ewoma Frank (Head, Talent Sourcing, Recruitment and Employee Engagment), have agreed to the following:

  1. Only my salaries between November and December (2019) will be paid, on or before the 30th of Sept 2020.
  2. My pension remittance will be remitted along with my outstanding salaries into my pension account that was provided , on or before the 30th of Sept 2020.
  3. I will hold on to the product backend and other company intellectuall property unti payment is made.
  4. I will take down all defamatory publications on all platforms and put out a disclaimer to that effect.

NB: This document is dated 03-08-2020 (A month Ago today!).

I will drop any further updates here and other platforms.

Due to some changes, those who have been reaching out to share their own testimonials and encounters, please drop your messages here. Also, don't forget to add documentations/records as well. This goes for those who did without their documents before. Thanks!!!

This is my story I joined HrAnalytica last year, I left a good job to join a new one. What I believe is a normal thing.

I had been trying to switch jobs for a while when I came across HrAnalytica, for the role of a Software Developer (Senior). I did a quick search on them, their LinkedIn Account and their website. The linkedin account was affiliated with another “head office” in Canada.
After several months of back and forth, which included building a mock of one of the many products they wanted to build. There was silence for about a month.

I switched jobs official in Sept 6, 2019. From the first day till today, it has been one story after other.

The salary structure was supposed to an upgrade on my previous one, by N80,000, I was earning N220,000. They decided that for the first 3months, I would be in “probation”, and earn N180,000 in these period.

Now, you may ask why I left my previous job, it involved a lot of traveling to the North, and after encountering 3 different incidences on the road, I began looking for another opportunity when I had my baby boy. I had been working there for over 3years.

In the first month, I was paid, N120,000, claims of tax, personal income tax & that I didn't start at the exact beginning of the month, were the excuses they gave.

The next month, it rose to N150,000, but they refused to give me my payslip to show what was really going on. It was the last time they have paid me since then. Immediately I completed their project, they became scarce.

They never gave me the payslip, never paid anything to my pension accounts, or even gave me an ID card (to give me an identity at the firm). Richard kept telling more stories about this and that, swearing that he had my best interests.

I realized and felt that they had only one goal, "to use me".

It is the 7th of September, 2020. A whole year after .

Their reasons were:

  1. They were doing auditing
  2. An investor pulled out.
  3. A man called Noah Ibrahim, stole company funds. Noah Ibrahim, owns another seemingly fake company, Novarick Properties.

I went through November and December broke. I entered January broke. Till the corona virus broke. I couldn't provide for my family.

After going to a lawyer on the matter, a letter was sent to them and they have both didn't respond, only until recently.

They had stopped picking my calls since January and completely blocked me on WhatsApp (and all social platforms).

This was after messages (saved) that lacked empathy and calls (recorded) of threats from Richard and an associate respectively

These men knew that I was working and that I was married (a married that has been strained as a result) with a son, they knew they wouldn’t pay after a while and still went ahead to hire me.

I have been determined ever since to get any justice on this matter and for the sake of my family, to teach them to fight for what is their right!

Currently, there seems to be some level of progress being made, as stated at the beginning of these document!